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Originally Posted by rmks2000 View Post
An old trick that I use is to cut a strip of cardstock and tape it to the letter-size cardstock to increase the length. It would need to be taped to either the top or bottom depending on where the parts are placed on the page, meaning that you would tape the strip on whichever end the whitespace is greater. Also minimize your margin settings on the printer. It is very rare when this technique doesn't work.
That works very well when the image is an A4, but I had created a number of images at 13" high. For example, I scanned my big He-177 kit by Fly Model, stitched the pages back together in the graphics editor I use, fixed the camo color problems, and then copied & pasted model parts to blank 8.5x14 sheets. Laser printers often add a default top margin, so adding paper to the bottom is best. Doesn't matter for an inkjet. Of course, be careful which side you add the tape to.... guess how I know about that!
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