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----- Monologue -----

Our history shapes us, be that history personal or persons of history or legend, or historical event.

That thought produced the following poem.

Kind and Respectful Regards my friends, Uyraell.

__________________________________________________ ______________

----- Monologue -----

Perseus slew the Minotaur,
Prometheus stole the Flame,
To neither was the task a joy,
Life and Death: they are no game.

The Gods look on dispassionate,
The Cosmos turneth still,
What drives a Hero is Love:
He Serves, His Soul is Iron Will;

Prometheus nor Perseus,
Had spent their all to Serve,
To spend one's Soul in such a way:
Is thus to prove one's worth.


April 4, 2012,

"Honi-Soit Qui Mal'Y Pense."
"Ill unto He who ill of it thinks."
- Ed.III Rex Britaniam, AD1348.
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