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What is great about this model, is that is it very complete. I usually have to make a cockpit interior. This model comes with a detailed interior, well designed to fit together accurately. But when I cut out the interior, I had to remember to retained tabs to put it all together (would be nice to have the tabs printed as this is easy to forget). And keep the tabs attached to the sides, so they wrap around the front and back. Otherwise the interior would be too wide to fit and not be flat to the sides. I also added some thin paper to hold the top curved parts together.
The tan part is the fuel tank (I think) that the pilot's seat is attached to (sitting on a fuel tank in a fabric covered plane - gutsy). Again I retained some tabs that fold inside the part. You can see all this below.
Halberstadt Cl.IV-halb-8.jpg
The seat is built up and attached to the fuel tank. This model also includes the second color side of parts (like struts) with large color rectangles. These color rectangles have the outline of the part, which is not necessary or desired. Without the outline, you can glue the part anywhere. With the outline, you have to glue the part precisely. So I remove the outlines before I print out the model to make my life easier. You can see the control stick and it's second side (to be glued up next).
Halberstadt Cl.IV-halb-9.jpg
With the control stick finished, I added a stand to make it easier to glue (you won't see the stand in the finished model). Then I built the gunner's seat - well, it's a seat of sorts. Now is the time to finish the front interior build. The front top section of the interior is really a narrow part, but it really need not be. I left some extra width. It's easier to assemble and glue that way, and the extra paper won't be seen anyway.
Halberstadt Cl.IV-halb13.jpg
Now just assemble everything. This is a great interior - well designed and plenty of detail. The gunner's station will be fully exposed so it's critical for the seat to be there. Multiple views below.
Halberstadt Cl.IV-halb-10.jpg Halberstadt Cl.IV-halb-11.jpg Halberstadt Cl.IV-halb12.jpg
Next is the fuselage.
peace thru light
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