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Okay, now the fuselage. One reason I like WWI planes is the simple designs of the fuselages. Back in the day the planes had to be relatively simple to build - hence simple designs - hence easier papermodeling today.

The top of the fuselage is curves, the bottom flat.
Halberstadt Cl.IV-halb-12.jpg Halberstadt Cl.IV-halb-13.jpg
I want to start joining the fuselage about the midpoint so I add a small internal splice to one side. It's hard to start the joint by gluing up both sides at once, so do one at a time.
Halberstadt Cl.IV-halb-14.jpg
Then glue it up the other side, beinng very careful to match it up as precisely as possible while the glue sets.
Halberstadt Cl.IV-halb-15.jpg
Once the splice is started it is much easier to glue both sides at once. So I work toward the back to finish this joint in two splice sections. I find doing it all at once too difficult - much easier a bit at a time.
Halberstadt Cl.IV-halb-16.jpg
Next I'll finish joining the fuselage together.
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