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Hi, Marco, thank you.
Today I have finally finished this part.
I have successfully complete one of the most challenge-stairs.
Its width is about 1.5mm, the second one is 2.5mm
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Part of my project(4)-dsc06052.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06053.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06055.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06056.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06057.jpg  

Part of my project(4)-dsc06059.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06060.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06061.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06062.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06066.jpg  

Part of my project(4)-dsc06068.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06069.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06070.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06073.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06074.jpg  

Part of my project(4)-dsc06076.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06079.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06086.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06087.jpg   Part of my project(4)-dsc06088.jpg  

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