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Appropriate Dimensions Directions ?

OK, here we go.... I've been putting out card models for a little over a year, this after asking questions about texturing, unfolding and so on for more years and essentially getting no where. I've litterally trained myself to create, rip and texture these models and I'm always trying to learn more, thus the reason for this thread. Even though I'm creating these models and hosting them for you the fans and builders, there always seems to be some kind of complaint, or negative comment with regards to various aspects of some, or all of the models. "You're models are unbuildable." "The model is to big." "I can't download the models." "There are no directions." "Where are the directions?"

So, in an effort to create those types of models that will make everyone happy, I'm going to suspend all work on all models until I can get some kind of consensus on what constitutes an appropriate model.

To be brutally honest, I really don't see the issue on some of these things. If the model is to big, scale it down. If you need directions with circles and arrows and lengthy dissertations on how to glue Tab-A to Part-B.... That's never going to happen. I don't have time to build more than half of the models that I've put out and since they are free, I would think that some people might try to puzzle something out for themselves. Now, if someone contracted me on a for pay basis to create the perfect model with their input and provide painstaking, excruciatingly detailed directions, I'd do it. Again, to be brutally honest, I have never, to my knowledge, complained about a free model that I downloaded from the internet that someone took the time to create, for me and others to build.

This reminds me of some of the same type of things in the styrene community. It's seems there are more people that would rather spend time and create forums for the express purpose of sitting around talking smack about other peoples efforts than actually building the models and trying do their own research and figure things out for themselves and maybe create their own models than people that are happy to have the model and to be able to work on it.

So, to be precise.....

1) What constitutes an acceptable model?

2) What is an appropriate scale, or size? (I will not put out tiny models).

3) What file type is most acceptable?

4) What File size is appropriate?

5) How detailed should directions be? I've went so far as to create step by step directions and create movies showing exactly how to build something and still people complain....????

The card models that I have created and hosted and provided links to and have reworked and reworked..... All of this is done in my spare time at night, this is not my profession, I'm not getting paid for this.....

So, what is an acceptable model, what do you have to have to be able to build a cardstock model. I'm really interested, maybe provide some links to your favorite examples of the perfect model.

Thanks for your time, I look forward to the positive, constructive input that is bound to follow.
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