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Originally Posted by blaar View Post
From the list of your questions this one I feel is most applicable for me when I release I model. I found many builders are quite capable of managing on their own when it comes to file formats, scales etc, and there is a lot of tutorials and other members to help out other builders.

Oky so, back to the first question.

Acceptable for me is any model that is build able with out the need to cut away parts to make them fit. I feel that the modeler should fix those, I for one hate intercepting parts and making them fit while building the model is a pain. I never touch those models. Now the more experienced builders can fix these type of problems on the fly, but in general I would say this is a no no when releasing a model. Might as well just rip the model from the game, import it into pepakura , unfold it, and release it as is leaving the builder to do all work cutting away parts etc etc.

So for me. Acceptable is when all the prats fit properly. Anything else is a bonus
I see. Well, to that I will say this. I didn't release any new models for almost 5 months for this very reason and have went back with others and worked on some of the past models and more than once at that. Personally, I wish there were more thorough tutorials on how to work with Meta and Pep. I'd like to see a quicky on eliminating those pesky intersections more easily. I don't have a problem dealing with issues like that on the fly, so it's not a big deal to me, but I do see your point. I've seen a lot of models released that didn't even have textures, or anything else for that matter and I was still able to put them together, even though I would have preferred to have had textures and some modelers fawned over these blank models because they were happy to have them. Additionally, I would like to think that the recent spate of models that I've released have been very easy to build. I try to make the layout as easy to follow as possible.

1) Inspect your model after printing.

2) Look where you to need to score, or fold the cardstock.

3) Crease all of your lines.

4) Cut out each part individually.

5) Plan out your build.

6) Glue Tab-A to Part-B, repeat until done.

That seems pretty simple.

With regards to formers.... I really have not seen the need for these, but will make some effor in the future to include them.
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