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I've covered most of this in previous posts, but will reiterate some here. The models that I released early in my learning to do this have been for the most part reworked and reworked again. I haven't put out any new models until just recently and they are so simple that a 13 yr old girl could figure them out.

I haven't got to redoing all of the models and have in fact gotten fatigued from reworking the previous versions. I want to move on and if people can't make the attempt to try and puzzle them out, they should not make the attempt to build them.

I've had thousands of downloads of the models that I've developed and I know someone is building them, they just aren't sharing here.

Within the last few months I've made every attempt to make the models better and to show directions, but as someone said... People will complain..??

I often and for the most part try to make both the pdf and pdo versions available.

I really don't know how I can take any more time to do any more to make it any clearer to some people. I have two models in the build phase right now, but have not posted photos and will not until they are done.

I'm currently building the TOS Communications Console and the 24" Viper and will provide both directions and movies.

The simple fact is that I can develope these models from scratch, or from ripped game models, or CG models faster than I can build them and to be brutally honest, I do have a life and things to do outside of here.

I really hope that people will have a little more patience as I continue to make models and feel out the masses as to what they want and try to comply.

Frankly, this is not freaking Rocket Science, it's a "Glue Tab-A to Part-B" science and I really get tired on the complainers.

Thank you for your input and comments.

Originally Posted by Rhaven Blaack View Post
I have followed your work and have to say that you have made some very interesting models. Granted, I have not built any of them yet do to other projects that I am currently testing for another designer (as well as a few that I have been meaning to do for quite a while now), but none the less you do produce very interesting models.

Now to give you my thoughts on your questions.

1) What constitutes an acceptable model?

(Like everyone has said before) A model that is build able and does not need to be tweaked or altered to "MAKE"the parts fit properly.

2) What is an appropriate scale, or size? (I will not put out tiny models).

It really depends on the subject of the model, and really what you feel comfortable with for that model in question.

3) What file type is most acceptable?

It seems that the most common (and acceptable) file types are PDF, PDO, and JPEG
I personally prefer PDF and JPEG files, but I can use PDO (even though I really do not like PDO).
I would stick with those three

4) What File size is appropriate?

I think that really depends mostly on the amount of texture detail that you want in your models. Like what was mentioned earlier, you would not want to make a 200 meg toaster model.
If you have a very detailed model (i.e.) the Galactica, then you would want to use a higher file size to add the detail.

You are an intelligent person, use your own judgement in this case.

5) How detailed should directions be? I've went so far as to create step by step directions and create movies showing exactly how to build something and still people complain....????

A general step by step is good as well as paying a little more attention to any tricky or difficult parts that may need extra attention.

Also have someone test your models for any problems that need to be fixed before release.

Just remember one thing, in the end you always have the final say as to how your models will turn out.
If someone does not like your work and can not point out a legitimate problem with your model (i.e. parts not fitting properly, file incomplete, or what ever else), then they do not need to build your models.

In closing, I would just like to say, I look forward to seeing more of your work and good luck with all that you do.
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