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Thanks for your input. Please see the video in the link and Keep on Trekkin!

1 to 1 Hand Crafted Cylon WIP Movie 1.wmv - YouTube

Originally Posted by thorst View Post
Personally, I think that a good model kit constitutes of the parts as well as of some kind of instructions. It doesn't need to show each single part glued on in an own step, but at least the most important sub-assemblies with the part's numbers. If the kit needs to be printed on a special paper weight for good fit, it should be noted.

Paper modeling, the actual building as well as designing, needs patience. At the risk of making myself unpupular, I see a lot of paper models out there which were and will probably never be build by anyone because the designer rushed through the process too impatiently. So in the end, the few hours spent on making basic instructions are a good investment.

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