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Forgot to get pics yesterday, so took pics of the past two days' work. Getting some progress in the cockpits, I may just go with mostly 2 layers laminated matte board plus the card. The large cockpit floor and rear bulkhead were done this way and it is THICK and sturdy. So far the builds are not as clean as I would have liked, but I don't think that will be detrimental to the overall pieces as they are meant to look extensively used in battle.

Here's pics:

Floor of cockpit. You might notice some degradation in the color saturation between the smaller and larger pieces. This is due to having to convert all to jpegs then edit in Photoshop, then print. Next time I'll try to convert to PNGs.

BTW- the rear bulkhead is not attached as yet, they are just leaning up against each other.

More floor/bulkhead.

And more . . . . .

Sides of cockpits both large and small.

Detail shots

It's hard to tell, but the little red dots are about 1 mm in diameter on the smaller model.

Hopefully I'll get more done on both tomorrow and some more detailed progress pics.
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