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After about eight months of not working on this model, I've finally resumed. Not much progress, and it took a while to get my bearings with it again, but, at least I did something with it tonight.

Trim is now on the right pontoon. Tailight and rear bumper parts, and door handle are in place. A lot of tedious little parts to fuss with.
The door handle appears to be in an unusual spot, but spatially it's correct. On the real car, the door handle is at the top edge of the door sill, and, since the model does not have the lateral curve of the door (due to my basic strip-and-panel type of construction), the door handle is where the door sill meets the center body structure.
I have to repaper the front fender, because the front wheel arch is too high. The top bar of the chrome side trim has to go all the way across the top of the wheel arch.

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