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Thanks guys - but the rigging has only begun!

This is the part of the build I like most - because I can clean up that rat's nest of rigging. My procedure is to use a Lego jig to immobolize the plane, securing it so I can work on it with two hands free.
Halberstadt Cl.IV-halb-130.jpgHalberstadt Cl.IV-halb-131.jpgHalberstadt Cl.IV-halb-132.jpg

I first need to seperate, identify, and tag the rigging with miniature clothes pins for easy handling (got them at Michaels). I'll start with the two rigging wires that attach at the front landing gear strut. I want to get those out of the way since they attach at the front-most point. I group all the rest, clip them, and get them out of the way. I then attach more clothes pins to the rigging under work and start to tension them. The procedure is to use my fine tweezers to snug the rigging from where the rigging starts through each corner to where the rigging enters the fuselage. You can't pull it through from the front. Need to work one leg at a time snugging as you go. The clothes pins act as simple weights to maintain the tension. I just want to snug it - not put a lot of tension on it to cause any distorsion. I just want to take out the kinks and get a nice straight line on the rigging.
Halberstadt Cl.IV-halb-133.jpgHalberstadt Cl.IV-halb-134.jpg

Once I'm satisfied, I use regular cellophane tape (or thin packing tape) to secure the rigging inside the fuselage. I could also use contact cement, which I have to use sometimes, but tape can work here, and it is easier. I use something to press the tape to the paper and rigging and get all the air out. Then I repeat for the other side. I hope you can see the tape. I try to tape over the entry hole in the fuselage to strengthen it.
Halberstadt Cl.IV-halb-135.jpgHalberstadt Cl.IV-halb-136.jpg

Now I work on the remaining rigging, using the same procedure, taping off where I can. The rigging looks good and snug - just need to cut off the excess.
Halberstadt Cl.IV-halb-137.jpgHalberstadt Cl.IV-halb-138.jpgHalberstadt Cl.IV-halb-139.jpg
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