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phantom planet

this movie should have starred john agar but didnt, mostly due to the higher budget that was available.
tiny people and more hot mute chicks live on a self gravitated asteroid that is at war with some kind of puppy lizard thingys.
everything is cool, except the main hero cant do anything right and i hope they throw the book at him when he gets back to earth.
1. he should have not sent his crew out to fix a hole.
2. he should have not done anything except park his rocket and wait for a rescue.
3. he should not have told the princess that he didnt love her .
4. he should not have fought his only true friend at the end, who was his only true friend for purely and totally selfish reasons that had nothing to do with our hero.
5. he should have stayed and married the mute girl. love comes few times in life and he let it slip right thru his fumbling fingers.
6. he should not have ratted on the tiney people the first time he opened his mouth after he got his helmet off on the rescue ship.
in the sequel, i hope they hunt him down, in whatever home for mentally demented astronauts that see little people they lock him up in and de-gravitate him into dust.
the rocket was cool though.
you wont enjoy this movie. but it is well written.
here is the rocket.
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