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-Any of the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg
-Lincoln Zephyr
-Any Ford V8 (I prefer the '33-34 models though)
-1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow


-1942 Chevrolet Fleetline Aerosedan
-1948 Packard
-1947-49 Kaiser/Frazer
-1947 Studebaker
-Hudsons (any year)
-1949 Nash


-1952-54 Mercury
-1956-57 Continental MarkII
-'55-56 Dodges
-1952-53 Kaiser
-Henry J
-1954 Kaiser Darrin
-1950-54 Nash
-1954-59 Nash Metropolitan
-Willys Aero
-Willys Jeepster
-1950 Crosley Hot Shot (not pretty, but somewhat interesting)
-1952 Muntz

Took your list and narrowed it down to ones I would be really interested in. A 52 Kaiser would be a biggie since I owned one for 30 years
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