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Hi folks,

@Peter: Thank you. One couldn't complain about the details of this model kit

Now back to the "real issues". Meaning i had to build the hull.
Each side (29/30) consists of 5 elements and some other stuff like inner railing parts and hawseholes. Last but not least comes the transom (32)
All bulleyes/windows were cut out and glazed with the foil mentioned earlier.
I also cut the scuppers, this adds more depth to the model.
1.-2. Preparing the upper section of the bow, including 3 hawseholes on each side.
3. Attaching the lower to the upper part of the bow section. Notice the anchor hawse hole
4. With the third part of the starboard side, the hull covers roughly half the length of the model. I suggest combining all 5 hull elements per side before attaching the hull to the model.
5. The 2 stern parts were realtively easy to combine but cutting out the scuppers was tedious work...
6. Here you see the port side. Much different compared to the starboard side, as many windows and bulleyes had to be cut out.
7. Overview of both parts and the model so far.

Well, in my next update i'll show the most dreaded work of "planking the hull"
If you have any questions, suggestions etc., please let me know.

Until then, cheers

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