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Now install the paddlewheel and casement on the hull. The first step is simply gluing the Casement Bottom (main deck) on top of the hull. Watch the alignment here. Alignment is more critical at the stern at this point. If it is too short at the bow, no problem. If it is too long, it can be
trimmed later. Just make sure the stern is in allignment.
Yes Virginia, there should be a photo of the hull with the main deck mounted on it. That is one that got away from us.
8) The USS Cairo should now look like this from the bottom, the white underside of the main deck clearly
9) Cut a strip equal to gap width between the hulls and longer than the gap. Assemble the paddlewheel on the strip 1/8 inch back from one end.
10) Slide the strip with the paddlewheel into the gap area and properly align it. Mark the main deck stern on the strip; remove and trim to length. Apply glue to the main deck undersides in the gap; reinsert the strip and paddlewheel; align carefully and press down to make a good glue joint.
11) The USS Cairo should now look like this from the pottom.
12) Test fit the casement on the hull. Fit should be good, but you may have to do a little trimming here. Critical alignment is at the forward end of the casement. When the fit is good, glue the casement to the hull.
13) Another view.
14) and one more.
The Cairo is starting to resemble a Pook Turtle. Next we start adding top side detai. But that is another story.

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