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The translation is quite good.

I read over it and don't see any serious mistakes.
Any particular things you need clarified?

For this purpose, to be made of card stock strips connecting - the easiest way is solid, cardboard stencil pooling on the edge, dorysować the sides (at a distance of 1 to 5 mm) parallel lines and one of them (the inside of the curve) en-strand of serrated.
Makes more sense as....

For this purpose make connecting strips of bristol/cardstock. The easiest way is to trace the edge you're connecting, draw parallel lines on either side (3 to 5mm away) and make one edge toothed/serrated (the one on the inside of the curve).

(cz.27 and 28 cut, trim and glue on contact or by ponacinanego from both sides and wyprofilo-ment in a semicircle along the strip card stock).
... as ...
Parts 27 and 28 should be cut and shaped, then edge/butt-glued or glued with the help of half-round strips of bristol/cardstock on either side.

(rear portions cz.29 oklejają part 2, but based on the internal front hatch combined with cz.28 cz.26a using plywood from Bristol).
... as ...
Glue 2a onto the rear of 29, while the front part of 29 should be glued onto the inner arc of 26a, connecting to 28 with the help of connecting strips.
- Kuba
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