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From what I can figure out, this is a colouring book?...not a paper model.

Warning to all when they use download services like careful what you click on.
Some sites that host files aren't always clear about where to click and download the files.
Sometimes the layout is visually misleading and the "Download" links are often
links to other things like sign up services or other software.

This host as a "fast download" service that you can sign up and purchase.
Beside that link is a "download..." link.
But its a software application (something called "cleanlab").
Who knows what goes into your computer if you click this.

The actual file link doesn't work for me.
There is a timer at the left that has to be activated by clicking the fine text under it.
(very odd procedure)
But after the timer counts down, I then get a message saying the session has expired!

All seems a little fishy to me.
...and not even a paper model.

Mak...stick to "paper models" from more reputable vendors. (Thats my advice)

ALSO...when providing direct download links (if you are not the designer or owner of the file)
I think you must provide information to the original source. The designer or original owner of
the file needs to verify that the file download is an approved one.
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