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I'm busy completing the final version of the model and the instructions.
I would like verify the amount of work i'm collecting for the release and here some statistics:

Page A - (Bomb Body) 15 parts
Page B - (Bomb Tail) 85 parts
Page C - (Trailer p.01) 62 parts
Page D - (Trailer p.02) 27 parts
Page E - (Jigs & Orther) 14 parts
Page F - (Cradle) 3 parts
Page T - (Tabs) 14 parts
Page W - (Wheels) 24x4=96 parts

Total 15+85+62+27+14+3+14+96=316 parts

8+3= 11 pages of parts
6 assembly diagrams
9 pages of instructions

Here below a sintetic view of the instructions pages, all in one

and the comparison between the real one and my model.

Considering that I had one drawing and some picture, I think that the final result is satisfactory, but I have still to work on the graphic side. Sure on the next project .

Soon the announce.

Best, Nando
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