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Well, sometimes an idea takes hold and you just have to run with it (or model, as the case may be).

I have a design and mesh for a new set: Modular City Walls. This is designed again at 'map' scale, or 1:1000 (thereabouts). I have a few more fit-up pieces to make, as well as a few more weapon emplacements. I also clearly need to texture these, but I don't expect that to take too long.
The intent would be a fortified town, or even a field base.

It will come complete with modular towers designed to fit over the wall segments where desired, and turrets for defensive missions. The walls will be designed to tile with the hexagon standard for Battletech. The main door will be made of sections so it can be built open or closed (cunning use of putty might allow reposing). I will be making a second fitted door to section over the rail set.

The Cat in the picture is there for scale, and was my first attempt at 1:1000 scale mechs (my actual 1:1000 Mechs are in a different .blend file and I don't feel like merging them at the moment). The roads are there for demonstration as well, they will be actually included in a different set.

Anyway, enjoy. I hope to get this one completed/textured in the coming week. Instructions will take a little longer, so this might be ready in time for Christmas (free, as with the rest of this set).

For updates on all my design projects, or to download any of my releases, please visit my site, TCF Gaming
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