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Originally Posted by Cami View Post
Johnny, by less ambitious I meant no interior, no engine like the french Ellen car. I could not get satisfied with the fender mount spare tire (it was breaking the ine of the car) so I built the fender all around it just like on the 1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow dream car. Otherwise, it is pretty close to the original concept. All it needs now is a dream car name, something like a fighter's name maybe. Here are the first shots of the prototype just in time for the new year. Happy new year guys!!!!

Outstanding! I want one!
If this is (late?) 30's concept, names like Westchester, Fleetwood & Imperial spring to mind. There was a lot of generic labeling IIRC. 6, 8, Sedan, Roadster etc.
Something like the Morin Super Waldorf or Biarritz could fit.
Depends on whether it's marketed to the type of customer who could be buying something like a Cord I guess. Names that fit your price & clientèle

Happy New Year everyone.
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