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Originally Posted by rickstef View Post
the parts in the 3/2001 issue of Kartonowka, are add ons to the Sherman.

extra Track links, jerry cans, c-ration boxes, Ma Deuce, a confederate flag, and some other bits, and it also includes a cage set up similar to the cages on current day Strykers.
My kit already includes these additional parts. If I remember correctly (I'll have to double check) It seem to me that they are all bunched together and printed on the same sheets toward the back of the book. When I first started to look over this kit, I remembered thinking to myself, this was a strange way to lay out the pages. If you would not have mentioned it here, I probably would not have given it a second thought but now it all makes sense.

The kit that I am building is dated 2004 which was published 3 years after the 2001 article. So there must be an earlier version that does not include all of the extras.
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