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Top side skins finished

Here is a update build for now i will post another later..... Next will be the bottom skins i am starting on them as of now, no fit issues were incountered the wraping of the top skins were rougher then a cobb but i got them on I added the hull panels like the real vessel had. The tops skins are burnished..... I notice also in the kit there are two missing pieces they are the forward casement deck as the deck blends into the casement superstructure they were part of the weather deck i have to add that to complete the hull. in view of the kit its not the best out there by far the kit is ancient and have no clue whats ahead of me on the build its full of surprises..... I just hope the bottom skins go on with no fuss but I will make it work....... when i get the hull done i will airbrush on some weathering and washes . Here is the update for now.

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