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Mounting the frames

Today I purchased a piece of birch plywood 1.00 x 0.25 mtr. to build the model on. After every frame and waterline frame were cut out I glued everything to the plywood which makes a firm base for the rest of the model and will prohibit that the models ends will curl up. Just need to glue in the stern frames and then the whole framing is complete.

As for now, I am really enjoying working with cardboard. You really do not need much (until now that is!) else then a bit of tools and a bottle of glue and there you go. When focusing on the cutting-work this is really relaxing to do I must admit. I am quite sure a lot of difficult things are yet to come, but hey, can always ask you guys so let's just crack on with it.

The e-xacto knife proves to be unbeatable when you compare it with other more "hobby type"-knives that are way to rude. The e-xacto cuts very precise and is a charm to work with. It allows pretty straight lines out of the hand which quite surprised me!
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