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Well, the second wing made up with no mishaps. The legs got ripped off and re-attached further apart. Nothing I could do for the rough surface rendering though, so I put it all together and flew it with the rest of the gang ...

Still didn't like the wing root wrappings with any of the available wing positions, nor did any of them look right for an in-flight pose, so I went with Richkat's suggested straight bar option. He looks OK at a distance, but not so well close up ...

He'll do for now, but another build will certainly be made later. If nothing else, he really makes the Osprey into the Star of the show. Both the Osprey and the Bald Eagle are supposed to be 1:2 scale, so I was expecting the eagle to be substantially bigger, but it isn't. A little stouter in the body, but the wings are smaller.

The snow has nearly all gone now, so I may be able to dangle them all from the washing line for some outdoor pictures fairly soon. Or better still, if I rig a mono-filament line between the two flagpoles I should be able to give them a bit of height for some simulated in-flight shots.

If any one else is currently building a bird ... it's over to you for a bit. I'm taking some time out to build a gun or two.

Keep on snippin'

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