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If you click on the left hand links on the second link, it will take you to the sites of the plugin creators, if they still exist, sadly t2k factory died, will look on my HD for those.
The 'Mash' link takes you to mashbrain plugins site, which has more than a few.

Think the O,Mizno plugin 'measure' you have to compile yourself, shame his 3D models aren't available anymore.....

Some won't work on the newer versions of metasequoia and some won't work on the older versions, it's a bit of pot luck i'm afraid.

Useful plugins I use are caliber, measure, facemap, noise, seperate faces, solid wire, delete lines, boolean tools, m_bodygen, create text, keynote, vacuum (difficult to use). Oh and one that generates geometric shapes such as dodecahedrons.

It is fun trying all the plugins you can get.
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