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Property now finally also the four corners of the MLP with the angle profiles completed and at the back the two still which are missing diagonal flat profiles attached.

After the Side 3 I planned now the Side 4. First of all I again removed the 1,5x1,5 mm of tie profiles already glued together, since with exact view in some photos it had noticed to me that the tie profiles lay more deeply than the vertical profiles and therefore flatter profiles must be.

And in such a way my Side 4 looks thereby now:

Now only some angle profiles 1,5x1,5 mm (smaller does not give it unfortunately) are missing to still few smaller lines, and then naturally still the LOX- and LH2-Pipes with the mounting plates in each case around the access doors. And on the back (Side 3) are likewise only missing the angle profiles. Thus it pleases me slowly complete well.

For a change I have made further with the Stair housing on Blast deck, which was strengthened inside again with Balsa pieces,

and afterwards on Blast deck one glued together. The door is something strengthened with cardboard.

There first still the remaining tie bars and angle profiles were to be attached to the Side 2, which I had to only still procure myself. And this Side 2 should really have it in itself.

Here again to the memory the initial state, only with vertical profiles just:

The angle profiles are in each case as verge around all access doors of the MLP sides as well as around the four instrumentation interface panel, how just was to be seen.

For the horizontal angle profiles above and underneath the doors and panels I took the smallest available plastic profiles 1,5x1,5 mm and am for the still smaller vertical angle profiles laterally the doors and panels 1x1 mm of profiles from brass, that genuinly already considerable mites.

Thus I had due to the mixture technology from cardboard kit and plastic parts, selected of me for MLP and Crawler, inevitably first only again into the spray booth, since before the subsequent treatment all parts must be painted. That is a small however substantial difference to the generally usual pure plastic construction way, with which under normal conditions everything can afterwards be installed and glued together and one paints. And when the assembling of the before painted components signs of usage of tweezers and other aids often cannot be avoided despite all caution, why then afterwards again must be repaired.

And in such a way the Side 2 looks now with all along and tie bars (nearly finished):

And here two detail opinions:

And now it goes on to the opposite Side 4, in principle yes a similar venture, which concerns the profiles, but however with a small delicacy.

Therefore in addition at first this small brainteaser:

In the foreground unfortunately nearly not to recognize because of the blur and only to suspect with something trouble: the 1x1 mm angle profiles (brass), behind it four small doors as well as two further downspouts for the gutters.

And thus to the actual puzzle question:

For what might the ribbon be good and what's behind them?

Greetings from Germany
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