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B-17 Flying Fortress

This is a project that has been a long time in the making. Here are some photos of how the B-17 fuselage is shaping up. This particular configuration is for a mid-production block B-17F. My plan is to set up templates for all the major B-17 variants. When they are all complete I can then start to draw individual aircraft. My next step is to modify this rear fuselage for the Cheyenne tail turret and staggered waist guns of the late production B-17Gs. Once templates are set up for the big tailed Fortresses, I’ll go back and set up templates for the “shark fins”. I have already re-designed the rear fuselage for these early B-17s. It just needs the surface detail added. Working with Scott on the Stratoliners really moved this project ahead as the 307 shares many components with the B-17. The only major engineering work still to do is the inner engine nacelles, those pesky wing fairings and the top turrets of which there are two major versions. I’d also like to include a bomb bay like I did for the B-24s. The forward fuselages and turtle backs for all versions are pretty much complete. The B-17B thru E nose piece is still getting some tweaking. The next update will show how the horizontal stabilizers fit.

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