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Originally Posted by airdave View Post
wow...I think I really messed up this thread.

all your replies and comments so far are very informative.
thank you for taking the time.
...and lets allow this discussion to go wherever it wants to go.

BUT... I misworded the title and original topic and I think I mislead you all a little bit.

To be honest I was first looking for an answer to one question:
"Should airdave offer 1/48 versions of some, or all, of his 1/33 aircraft kits?"
(Should I convert some of my models and offer alternate scale versions for those who don't purchase my models because of the 1/33 scale?)

The original motivation was a comment by another member that he liked my newest release (a Paraguay Air Force Texan model),
but he would not be purchasing the model because he prefers to purchase and build only 1/48 scale kits.

So, going a little bit off topic is completely my main question wasn't clear.


I think its obvious that the preference for scale size is all over the place.
There is no way one designer or one model can please everyone.

I think most agree with me that scaling down a model during printing is not only easy but does not affect the print quality to any great degree.
(Enlargement is a whole other issue).
But there are still a lot of people who don't seem to know how to change printer options and settings.
And not every Home Printer has all the same options.

If, when looking at a particular model, there were more than one scale option available, would it be an option that was of interest?
If you could save the work of dealing with reductions and percentages...
If you could avoid unnecessary paper wastage...
would it entice you to buy a kit from me because it was available in two scale sizes?

Many of you have already said that reducing a file when printing is of no big concern,
so obviously you would not care if I offered the smaller scale versions.
I'll take that as part of the answer to my original question.
So...the rest of you?

Nobi...I say stick with what you are happy with.
Like I said, we can't please everyone.
I don't think my kits are overly complicated...thats why I think they could be scaled down to 1/48.
I think its important to reduce the number of parts and reduce the details
as the model gets smaller.
The majority will expect it that way.
So, if you are enjoying the 1/48 or smaller models, then stick with them.

If you want to try some bigger models, then I have some parts for you!

Nobi, do you think the D model Mustang (that you designed for me) is too complicated for 1/48 scale?
my answer to your poll which wasnt given as an option is.
i would build at 1;48 scale only if the particular aircraft wasnt availible in 1;32
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