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Tire Update

Before I continue I want to say that I hope everyone had a great Holiday and wish you all a Happy New Year!

Over the last few weeks I have made good progress with the tire assembly.
To enhance their look, I decided to change up the stock tires that came with the kit by adding a few more pieces to give a more rounded look to the tread surface. This involved cutting out two more disks that are slightly larger than those supplied with the kit. This is where my NT circled cutter paid for itself. It cut through the heavy cardboard like a hot knife through butter!
I had all 38 circles (plus the centers) cut out in a short matter of time - maybe an hour and a half at the most.
GPM Dragon Wagon-pict0041.jpg

GPM Dragon Wagon-pict0042.jpg

GPM Dragon Wagon-pict0043.jpg

GPM Dragon Wagon-pict0044.jpg

GPM Dragon Wagon-pict0045.jpg

GPM Dragon Wagon-pict0046.jpg

To begin putting the tires together I had to figure out the correct total thickness for each tire. That measurement is 0.5 inches. to achieve this I used strips of .125" balsa between each layer.

The next step will be to fashion the strips that will wrap around the tire forming the surface that the treads to attach to.

Lots more to come so keep posted.
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