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The Old Viking Game

Before Chess was introduced to Europe, the Vikings played Hnefatafl.

There is a website where you can play Hnefatafl online.

See: Play Hnefatafl online | Nefatavl | King's table | The Viking Game

I like the game so much that I wanted a hardcopy but the games on Amazon and Ebay are expensive.

Thus I copied a screenshot into IfranView.

Cleaned up the board, resized the image and printed two halves of the board to make a 10" x 10" board.
Taped the prints on cardboard with double sided tape and put images of the counters into Open Office Draw.

The counters were printed on 110 Lb cardstock.

This is the result:

Now, I have a question.

Did I make a Hnefatafl game or a papermodel of the game ?
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