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Originally Posted by eatcrow2 View Post
Eric.. Thanks for the clarification. I actually had "AI" at first and then changed it.
Frustratingly enough (for me, at least), Old Rhinebeck and Fantasy of Flight both own original AIs and both call them "A1." I've found the error as far back as a January, 1920 writeup in Flight magazine about the previous year's Paris Air Show. Maybe that's where it started.

Don't mean to take this off on a silly tangent. It'd be best to not get me started on forward decks, gun fairings and bracing wires - I've been chasing those monkeys for years. This is the reason I hardly ever manage to finish a model . . . .

OK, I can't resist and I'm going to justify the geek-out nitpick that's about to happen on the grounds that it'll make Peter's life a little easier and give him a few less difficult things to do.

I see the diagrams for this model show crossed bracing wires between the forward cabanes as well a set of flying wires terminating midway between the outboard lift struts and the intermediate N-shaped ones. I'm pretty confident - confident enough to bring it up, anyway - that these features were only found on the unarmed MoS 30 variant and are incorrect for either the 27 or 29.

There should, on the other hand, be a Sopwith Camel-type humped fairing over the gun breeches, but bringing that up isn't going to help anyone.

And none of this helps Chris get his pictures, so I'll hush up about it now. I certainly don't mean to detract from the model; in fact nearly all of the published information I've seen on this aircraft seems to be somewhat incorrect so I can't fault the designer.

Sorry to be a nuisance.

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