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Originally Posted by eatcrow2 View Post
And here I thought this was going to be a "simple" little parasol fighter....
It is, and for Chris' purpose I would just build it as designed. Morane-Saulniers are just one of my special interests. The AI was really one of the best and most advanced designs of the war, but suffered from a prejudice of the time against monoplanes and the notorious unreliability of the 160hp Gnome engine. Rumors of structural weakness would appear to be disproved by the looping records set by Joyce and Fronval after the war in this type, as well as the fact that Nungesser used his for aerobatic displays. I think the lack of correct information regarding the rigging and forward deck details stems from the Type 30 being produced in far greater numbers than the 27 and 29. Of the surviving examples, I believe all but Memorial Flight's are actually 30s.
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