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Originally Posted by sjsquirrel View Post
Fortunately there's no need to extract the models from the game. The 3Dmodels from are still available through the Wayback machine and I managed to get a complete set. So, I could send you the models.
Steve were they all .dxf files?

I was able to get a good majority of the models from that wayback machine site. After opening some of them though, it looks like they might not actually be in-game models, since many of them have "round" gun barrels and "translucent" eyes and engines (double layered 3D faces around there). May have to look at some programs to revert these back to their "low-poly" glory... (tried AutoCAD first...the .dxf files were too "old" for it to do much...)

Anyway, I've finished up another Pyro! I have a bunch of pictures going through the it might have to spread a bit through posts...
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