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First off... the cockpit canopy and the tail fins!

The main thing that helped out with this model (that you'll see throughout this build) was I added paper tabs (...yeah, pepekura spoiled me pretty good with that...)! Most of the part shapes for this model have a deceptively simple geometry and "seeing" where a tab could go wasn't too bad. The cockpit canopy was a perfect example of that.

The tail fins worked better with the tabs on the inner face (concave face), and with the tabs on the fin sides positioned in such a way so the outside face (convex face) can just close it up. Basically, inner face, sides, then outer face. On the first Pyro, I went the opposite of that (outside, sides, inside), and it was actually harder to deal with than this version

...don't know if that made sense...good thing pictures are worth a thousand words?

(I think I'll get the rest on here tomorrow...or more of it at least!)

(also, I apologize in advance if this model looks a little "rough"...this one is for demonstration, not display...)
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