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Originally Posted by andersonmr34 View Post were they all .dxf files?
The models were posted in both DXF and COB (Caligari OBject) format. I downloaded the COB format since I use Metasequoia (which handles COB very well) for modelling, then feed the Meta file to Pepakura.

Originally Posted by andersonmr34 View Post
I was able to get a good majority of the models from that wayback machine site. After opening some of them though, it looks like they might not actually be in-game models, since many of them have "round" gun barrels and "translucent" eyes and engines (double layered 3D faces around there).
If memory serves you are right about that. I believe the models were made by a fan based on the game models, so they may not be perfect, but frankly they're plenty good enough for me.

The new Pyro is looking good so far. I'm eager to see where you go with this project.
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