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...the engines...I don't know if the way I did it was the "correct" way, but it worked out! These were probably the hardest parts of the model (which wasn't "that" bad really)...

I left tabs on one side (should have left them on the bottom too, like I did on my first Pyro, very handy to glue the "turbine" bit on), rolled the part around the scoring instrument. Then, I cut down one side of each "petal" leaving all the white space as tabs.

To bring it all together, I found it good to bring each of the top points together, and curve it just enough so that you don't see any of the white glue tabs...kind of going for a bullet shape. It'll overlap a little bit over the gray of the part, but I think it was meant to do that.

I had to make some tabs so I could close up the engine, and finished it off with the "ring" end (the easy part of all that).

With all the parts done, all that's left is to put it all together!
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