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I doubt my technique for the engines is any better. I simply pushed them around until they were in place. Here are some pictures of the wings, the engines and the missile pylons.

I agree that building a third pyro would be a little much, unless you had made them in different colours like in multiplayer mode.

I'm not sure, what scale the seat would make the model. My best guess is somewhere between 1:40 and 1:50. I looked at the intro video of D3 to get a feeling for the size of the cockpit. Still I think the pyro somehow defies all size classification, because it is so tiny, which seems to make sense, as it was designed to fly through mines.

Considering the size of the Pyro there's something I always wondered: Where do the hostages go once you free them? Does the Pyro have an internal wormhole to teleport them to safety?

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