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Originally Posted by andersonmr34 View Post
I did leave tabs in that engine area...
In my experience, tabs can be more disturbing than helpful on round parts (especially on small ones), because basically they make a curve into many small straight lines. But of course without tabs it will be more difficult to glue.

On Ammunition and freed hostages:
I remember in another classic SciFi-Game, The Journeyman Project, you had what was called a zero-space pocket, which was a Bag with a small Quantum singularity inside, which allowed you to carry along big stuff with ease as the bag was bigger inside than outside. **Conjure that up, Harry Potter!**

Here are some photos of my finished Pyro. (feat. SjSquirrel's Medium Lifter as well)
With the inner Lasers, I cut out a part of their bulge, rather than cut out the wing in the position.
I'm a bit disappointed with how the canopy turned out: I think the Pyro looks much cooler with the black screens. Maybe I should have used some kind of dark transparent material like ancient photo film. Too late now anyway.

NEXT: Gauss Cannon and Missiles.

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