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Originally Posted by andersonmr34 View Post
That looks way nice! Good to see the missiles are working out as well! I wonder...what weight of paper are you using? I'm thinking my over-zealous use of heavy cardstock might be hurting me on this...

...oh...and I think that purple weapon is actually the Omega Cannon...the one that zaps things with a white beam of energy that also recharges your shields? I remember the Gauss Cannon looking more like a heavy duty Vulcan cannon (i.e. like a gatling gun?), even using the same ammo!

...Whoops! There goes that "thinking too hard about it" again... sorry about that...

(I may or may not have been playing Descent 2 recently... )

That's really funny because I didn't really pay much attention to the pictures Chris posted, but in my head I was totally picturing the same weapons you are. And I barely thought at all.

On another note, the post with the picture of the medium lifter inspired me to start on this:
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