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Thank you for the light hulk, Steve.
I'm going to build one myself once I have the time.
Quick and nice built, Andersonmr34.

Feels a bit strange to get back to my petty build...

I was trying to figure out the right position for the cannon-powerup.
According to some sources, it should be in this position:

That is just not very good-looking. According to other sources its more to the back, so thats what I chose as the position for my cannon:

Now while this as has been noted by Andersonmr34 is not the Gauss cannon but rather the Omega cannon, I have decided to build the actual Gauss cannon as well. Don't know why I thought this one is the Gauss cannon. Funny thing is I thought the actual Gauss cannon looks cooler without knowing which one it is, but I chose the purple one because I thought it's the Gauss cannon. There will be more pics of that later.

For now here are two more pictures of the Pyro with 4 Missiles and the Omega Cannon. "Armed to the teeth" would be putting it mildly describing the Pyro when it comes to the Size/Firepower-Equation. ;-D

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