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Thumbs up You are more than "On the Correct Track".

Having had some training in human anatomy as an Embalmer (now retired) I am very interested in your new posited paradigm.

To me it makes sense, in an intuitive rather than investigative manner.
This in no way discounts the investigative and interpretive aspects of both the posited (new) Paradigm and the philosophy related there-unto.

The Ancients, be they Occidental or Oriental; achieved great insights into humanity, both mentally, spiritually and physically/medically. Most of human philosophy, at root, can be traced back to those achievements, be they guised as "Spiritual" or "Philosophic".

I'm inclined by experience and training to Agree with your proposed Paradigm, Viz: that whilst mathematicians decry it as an "impossibility": the Moebius formation in the real/physical World is the basis of much of what Kant, Heigel, and even Des Cartes (though he actively denies it, as does Sartre) attempt to describe as "The Devine" in Humanity. At the opposite extreme is Neitsche; whom in an attempt to describe the positive non-physical aspects of humanity (thus; his interpretation of "The Devine") makes more of them and of humanity itself than the reality suggests and indicates.
{{But here the discussion enters into debate between the various Philosophical "Schools", Viz: between Platonism and Cartesian-ism.}}
The mathematicians have a Moebius Strip laid-horizontal as a Symbol for the concept "Infinity": yet fail to perceive that same symbol as what it truely IS: a two-dimensional Representation of that which is a Three-Dimensional Reality.

Your proposed (new) Paradigm reflects exactly {in modern terms} that reality which the surviving fragments of the writings of the Ancients attempt to both describe and convey.

From the various studyings, educations, readings and experiences I personally have undergone, I can attest that for this modern World Your proposed new Paradigm comes as yet the closest to affirming that which the Ancients wished their descendants to Know of Humanity and the realities and Worlds it lives within.

Kind and Respectful Regards ContourCraig, Uyraell.

"Honi-Soit Qui Mal'Y Pense."
"Ill unto He who ill of it thinks."
- Ed.III Rex Britaniam, AD1348.
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