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Thank you Colleagues very much, I really appreciate compliments of yours.

Originally Posted by herky View Post
if your ever up for a about a great looking model of a newer ship.been trying for years to get a card model of the SS canberra with no luck.I dont have the skills to design one myself.
There are probably a dozen of old historic ocean-liners that I would like to build such as:
•one of ex German mighty trio: SS “Leviathan” ; RMS “Majestic” and RMS “Berengaria”,
•or one the largest passenger steamship RMS “Queen Elizabeth I”.
•or probably the first super liner SS “Kaiser Wilhelm der grosse” .
•and others from Art-deco era: SS “Il de France”, “Berlin”, “Europa”, “Rex”.

Unfortunately I can’t find blueprints for any of those vessels, except for famous RMS “QM”, SS “Normandie” and SS “United States”. But all those ships are already released by JSC magazine.

However I was very delighted with suggestion of Yours, Herky. I never heard of SS “Canberra” before – really great and beautiful ship. And the best part is that there are some rather detailed deck plans + side view and some quality pictures in the net. I think it is possible to create decent model.

So, SS “Canberra” now is No-1 on my list what to do next
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