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Originally Posted by sharunas View Post
Thank you Colleagues very much, I really appreciate compliments of yours.

There are probably a dozen of old historic ocean-liners that I would like to build such as:
•one of ex German mighty trio: SS “Leviathan” ; RMS “Majestic” and RMS “Berengaria”,
•or one the largest passenger steamship RMS “Queen Elizabeth I”.
•or probably the first super liner SS “Kaiser Wilhelm der grosse” .
•and others from Art-deco era: SS “Il de France”, “Berlin”, “Europa”, “Rex”.

Unfortunately I can’t find blueprints for any of those vessels, except for famous RMS “QM”, SS “Normandie” and SS “United States”. But all those ships are already released by JSC magazine.

However I was very delighted with suggestion of Yours, Herky. I never heard of SS “Canberra” before – really great and beautiful ship. And the best part is that there are some rather detailed deck plans + side view and some quality pictures in the net. I think it is possible to create decent model.

So, SS “Canberra” now is No-1 on my list what to do next
not certain but im sure hmv did the kaiser wilhelm.
I worked on the canberra in the 70s again when she went to war in 1982.She was a truely magnificent ship and the only model im aware was about in card was a simple push out out around in the 60s which is long gone out of stock.If you google ss canberra she has her own website with heaps of plans and photos.waited 30 years for a decent model of her.airfix do a plastic one but thats not waht im after.will watch with interest

site is
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