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[QUOTE=airdave;471176]Great looking model Piggler.

As all are aware, the problem with this model is the clear bubble.
A design has to be scaled to fit a particular found clear sphere,
and that makes it difficult for anyone else to build it...unless they
too can acquire the same clear sphere.

Hi Airdave,

Thanks for the input, I agree that a paper version of the canopy is required for those who are unable to find a clear sphere. I'm wondering on how to texture the sphere in a tasteful way, as to not make the ship look awkward? (ideas?) I think the clear bubble is what really makes this ship pop.

When designing this model, I did include a diameter gauge so anybody can scale the parts to what ever size sphere they find. All parts must be scaled together. I actually printed this ship before I received my sphere........ so there was a discrepancy.... diameter was a bit bigger than advertized....

As for finding a clear sphere, I was able to find them on EBAY, multiple sizes of clear Christmas ornaments, ranging in size from 2.5'' all the way up to 6''. These spheres split in half for ease of installation of the interior. The price is very reasonable as well. 1$us up to 5$us

I have attached some screen shots. There are still some things I need to address before this kit can be released.

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