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Dutch pinas 1671

I'm relatively new here. I am reading these pages for a couple of years and gave some useless comments but never posted a thread. For a couple of reasons. First of all I' m not so good that I think anyone could learn something from my adventures and secondly because I am a lousy photographer.

Nevertheless I want to share some recent experiences with you. I have made cardboard models for most of my life and found great reassurance in them especially if all parts fitted. I still am a fan of most Polish kit producers. Then I saw the threads by Doris, Tatasam, Firdajan2 and many others building ships. Modelships have been my profession most of my life so I thought I could give it a try using drawings I made years ago (see Ojos. Total Visual Communications Solution).
I know I will never even touch the level of the people I mentioned above but I still thought maybe someone would like what I am doing, so here we are…

The ship I am building is a typical Dutch merchant vessel from the 17th century. It was 134 feet long (about 38 meters), had 24 guns, a crew of about a hundred men and loaded about 400 tons. It was used both in European waters and transatlantic and the Eastindian Company used comparable (but wider) ships.

Next time I hope to tell some more about the techniques I use.
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