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Free kits from ecardmodels...

Yes - you read that right free stuff! I have a lot of kits that need pictures. If you like building kits and dont like paying for them then this is for you! This is only valid for kits that do not have pictures on site and one kit at a time. You must build it in the scale of the kit, no resizing (sorry micro builders!)

1. Find a kit at that doesnt have a picture of the built model.
2. PM me or email me at inquiry at ecardmodels dot com and let me know what you want
3. I send you the kit
4. Build the model (even better if you do a build thread!)
5. Take decent pics with no clutter and a clean background of some kind from multiple angles and close ups of special details
6. send me the pics
7. pick a new kit and repeat

P.S.!!! I need your email to send the kit so be sure to send it in the PM
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