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And another reason not to swim Whulsey!

A water monitor.

Get pretty large - up to just under 8 feet and 33 pounds in a large speciment.
this one is around 6-7 feet, 25 pounds +/-.

Picture 1 - Spotted on the way to the bank (when crossing a river).

Picture 2 - Getting out.

Picture 3 - "tasting" the water with his tongue. Not quite certain of this behaviour, considering 30 seconds previously he was in the water. It did not lead to anything - just more "tasting".

These are really animals to be wary of.

Crocodiles are generally visible and lie around mostly. But monitors are very very intelligent (apparently they are also one of the few animals that have a true ability to count), and very aggressive.

They have a very powerful bite, and also lash with their tail - and they are not afraid to attack even from a distance, as they are pretty bad tempered. Have also very good eyesight.
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