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Originally Posted by Zakopious View Post
The Prudenziati airplanes are still available on the Wayback Machine:
Wow! Thanks!

I already included the Tiger Moth at the top of my "To do" list!

Meanwhile, the Spad 13 is started, both wings are made, the tail and elevons and the rear fuselage. No pictures yet, sorry.

I'm including a internal reinforcement in tail and elevons, and a curved "sandwitch" of cardboard into the wings to give then width, streng and curvature.

Also, the Fidlers Green model that I'm using as a guide has just one side of the propeler and landing gear. I'll include both surfaces of the propeler (with more paper and paint), and replace landing gear and wing struts with wood (sanded grass stems or toothpick).

The weels will be widened too with a ring of paper.
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