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Ok, here are the pictures.

I started with a Fiddlersgreen Beech, rescaled and printed it. Then, I cut the wings, and inside the wings, the landing gear doors. Then reinforced with thin cardboard, engraved the metal joins and rivets and glued.

After dry, painted red and continued with the fuselage.

Here, I reinforced the windows and cut them. I confess that I must had painted red before gluying the acetate windows, but fortunately it's almost the same.

I'm planing to finish the Bonanza before the next weekend, with more changes like an improved landing gear and propeler.

The ones who follow my post know that I lost my camera and my cellphone was pickpocket all in a month, so I'm using an antediluvian camera to take the pictures and they become blurred sometimes. Sorry. But I hope to solve this problem in some months.

There are 28 planes in the queue to be made, so I have work for some years. Next one can be the DH-82 Tiger Moth or the Fairey Swordfish or the Saab J-35- Who knows?
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